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Do you wonder what that long list of processes in your task manager comes from? Are all those programs running there really needed or are they a virus, adware, spyware.. recording all your keystrokes and then sending your passwords to a remote server? Read the articles below and learn about some of those processes.


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ctfmon - ctfmon.exe - Process information


I always see this process ctfmon.exe in my taskmanager's process list although I never started it and wonder what it is good for. Is that spyware?
It takes about 3MB of RAM and seems to slow down my computer.


Ctfmon.exe is a part of the Microsoft Office suite and it provides alternative user input technologies such as text input service, support for speech and handwriting recognition, translation, keyboard, and more.

Ctfmon is not an essential system process.

However, you cannot simply delete this file (e.g. after booting in safe mode). You would be asked to reinstall Office every time you start up IE (or an Office application!).

If you don't want ctfmon.exe run in the background, you need to disable this feature in your Office setup.
Look here for instructions how to do this:

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