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Saving Money - alternative uses for everyday items

  • Normally used to grasp thick stacks of paper, binder clips can be used to display recipes or photos.
  • Shave dried remnants of leftover bath soap, and shake them into a glass container as a scented base for silk flowers.
  • When cooking with hot oil that needs air, use an inverted colander as a breathable splatter guard.
  • No flowers? Fill a glass bowl with fresh lemons, limes or tangerines for a bright centerpiece.
  • Place a coffee filter at the bottom of a pot when transplanting to keep soil from leaking out drainage holes.
  • Empty cardboard egg cartons serve as great starter pots for seedlings and can go straight into the ground.
  • Olive oil can be used to shine metal surfaces and polish wooden furniture.

  • Wrap bouquets from your cutting garden with newspaper, choosing sections with colorful designs or news that would interest the recipient.

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