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Dating scammer Kevin Edmonston


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Name: Kevin Edmonston


none given - says he is a soldier in Afghanistan -age 55 from Lakeside FL

Other Comments:
This person has a long record of scams using the stolen photos attached. He says he is a U.S. soldier and spends weeks luring victims in. Then he asks for money to send a box back and asks you to hire a U.N. courier to expedite the shipment. His cohort is supposed U.N. diplomat - Philip Winn. The photos are stolen - the U.N. doc is a fake and a real soldier would never do this.

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2017-04-24, 09:11:31
anonymous from United States  
This guy sent me the same crap about being in the military and getting ready to retire. Same stuff about sending a personal care package to him as he had no family members left alive.
After receiving the package he then informed me he was sending a box back to the USA for safe keeping until his return.
Then came the taxes on the package for every stop it made and to send the money via money gram to Ghana.
Unfortunately I fell for it thinking I was helping out a service man who had served his country.
Well he bilked me out of a lot of money and has caused so much hardship for me.
I'm a hard working man who was just trying to help out someone who claims he is honest and would never do anything but pay back the moneys spent upon his return.
Claims he can't access his moneys as the account is frozen while he is in Afghanistan. Claims he was from Tampa but if so didn't know that The next town over was St. Petersburg. And upon his return would catch the first flight to St. Petersburg to repay.
Caught him in so many made up lies. Kept claiming until the end he was a honest man who served his country and would pay EVERY penny back.
So sad it such bull shit. So mad at myself for falling for this. How can he think these things up? How can he live with all the pain and hurt he has caused? And to use a military story hardship is just the icing on the cake.
He will get caught and hope he pays dearly for all that he has done to all the people he scammed.
Karma will catch up to him and if not the police will!!!!!
2017-07-04, 13:02:33
anonymous from United States  
I just met him on a gay site stating he was looking for a relationship then he sent me two photos of which one of them is here. When I did a google search of the pics I realized there was a scam so I confronted him and told him he should be ashamed of himself for using one of our military men pictures to scam people. He apologized and told me that his pictures had been stolen from a dating site he used and he was advised by his captain of the problem but that he is who he says he is. Now he's not using the same name some people have used up here, nor has he mentioned a wife dead of alive or a child here in the US. His claim is that he is in Afghanistan waiting to finally finish so he can retire.
I asked him what the tattoo on his arm meant and he saiid it is a copy of his ex's tat and that he doesn't have any other tattoos. Clearly for the pictures I found the real person has several arm and forearm tattoos.
It angers me and I wish there would be a way to catch these bastards. I told him about scammers out there and that sone had tried to get money from me and that I didn't fall for it and gave the information to a friend of mine who's a cop. These people obviously don't give a shit as they know they can't be caught. He continues to talk and i continue to talk to him. I wanna see how far he goes. lol It is funny 'cause the more lies he tells the more I'll be able to post online.

2017-07-04, 13:07:15
anonymous from United States  
Lies, lies lies..... Cadman Lingo is his new name.
Talks about retiring soon and wanting to come home and settle down with someone honest and hardworking. The person behind these pictures that are being posted is nor hardworking nor honest. He's using one of our military men pictures to scam people. Shame, don't fall for his lies.

2017-11-30, 11:25:38
He has introduced himself to me as Ray Monroe.. saying he is stationed in Damascus.. in special ops!! Parents and fiancé killed in car accident.. has a son in boarding school in Germany.. I never believed any of his b/s so I reverse photo the photos he sent.. he is on hangouts.. got my email address from a dating website.. I questioned him extensively after three days I blew his cover!! Too bad .. good looking guy.. he also says he is very religious!! Pish posh!
2018-03-17, 02:31:12
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This guy is now going by the name of Alex Edmonston. Very slick as the others have said and very believable. Unfortunately it has taken £5k for me to realise the error of my can someone do this? Even has a Facebook page to try to back it all up.
Now says that he is divorced as his wife cheated on him with his best friend whilst he was away on duty.
Found through and have already reported one other version of the fake profile but I'm sure there will be more.
This person is despicable and a total insult, prying on lonely, vulnerable females.
Hope he rots in hell........

2018-03-17, 18:10:19   (updated: 2018-03-17, 18:11:02)
The jerk uses more names than you could shake a stick at, but you can find his pictures, etc. on Pig Busters Scammer Awareness - The BEST ...

www.yourittoday. com/scammer.php?scammerid=588740
2019-08-01, 12:27:42
anonymous from United States  
2019-08-01, 12:38:38
anonymous from United States  
He stated his name is Kelvin not Kevin. He said his full name was Benjamin Kelvin Edmonton. He stated he is in Syria and that he is a Sergeant Major. He claims he is a widow and that his wife died in an accident and that he doesn’t have children. Claimed he lost his phone while on patrol.
2019-08-18, 22:10:46
anonymous from United States  
This man sent me a friend request on facebook using a similar story, using the name Edmonston Richardson, but when I questioned him regarding the nametag on the uniform being Edmonston, he stated that was his first name, not his last name. I knew something was wrong then because my ex-husband was in the Air Force and it is always the last name that is on the uniforms. He told me he was stationed in Yemen and was a Major in the US army, that he had a daughter named Sandy, a military dog named Sparrow, one at home named Emil, and a monkey by the name of Ace. He gave me the perfect example of a good man looking for a wife and a mother to his daughter, sent me the pictures (whoever the pictures are really of, he's one heck of a good looking guy) and I found some of them on here. He wanted me to register with, a site which exchanges different money, including foreign currency. He called me on videochat but said his camera was blocked. He was very charming and spoke English very well but with a south african accent. He is really good at his scam and is very consistent with whatever story he's using but it's definitely a scam. He said the UN had messed up his pay and he couldn't access any of his accounts here in the States. I've heard that story make a long story short, I finally found this page and his pictures (or whoever this guy is supposed to he's good looking) but I found out before it cost me any money this time anyways. Thanks to all who posted pictures and information. Hope he doesn't scam anyone else.

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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